Estilo Jewellery + GIVEAWAY !!

Hello lovely followers,

Today I wanted to post something about Estilo decorations! I teamed up with them to do this giveaway and I’m very excited about it to be able to do this for my followers!!:) Estilo Decoration is runned by a young woman (GIRLPOWER). I love original things that are not easily found somewhere else. She also sells rings, earrings and necklaces.

Marble is trending and you see it has been incorporated in almost everything, from phone cases to these beautiful bracelets! ILOVEMARBLE. Estilo Decoration is a Dutch company and makes everything by hand and according to the latest trends. You can find trends like the Ibiza look, the marble look to a more natural look. She works with carefully selected materials such as Swarovski elements, stones, leather, glass beads, metal pendants and beautiful locks. I’m wearing two bracelets; the  beige elastic bracelet with an opal Swarovski and a black and white marble effect bracelet.



The set you can win is the one you can see on the first photo.  It is slightly different then the one that I’m wearing because the color isn’t beige but taupe.

What do you need to do to win this beautiful set?

  1. Follow me (@dutchbloggeronthemove) on Instagram and follow  (@estilo_decoration) on Instagram.
  2. Comment below my picture saying ‘ I LOVE MARBLE ‘
  3. This is for my lovely blog readers: for an extra change to win, write a comment below this post saying I LOVE MARBLE 2x

*The give away will end at the 28th of June 2016 and the winner will be announced on Instagram.

foto 3instagram

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