Meet my travel ‘Buddy’

Hello lovely followers,

As many of you already know that follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, I got a cute little labrador. Who is less little by the day.. Buddy is a blond labrador pup who is very energetic at one moment and then falls asleep within the second. Just like a baby!

Buddy got his lovely collar and lead from Galguau in turquoise (my absolute favorite) but you can buy them in a lot of different versions and colors! The belt and collar are from a great quality and it feels very good around the neck of my little puppy. Also it looks stunning, he really looks like a beautiful boy!


Also the delivery is a real party, I got this lovely note that says: Met lifde voor Buddy (which is dutch for: With love, for Buddy!) and some sweet doggy treats. How cute and personal!!:)
So I should definitely say, go check Galguau out for some very good quality and original dog collars and leads.


As you could imagine, I can’t wait to go for nice walk on the beach (when he is old enough) so I did some research and found the four beaches where it is allowed for your furry friend to join you. From the 1st of november untill the 31st of march it is allowed almost everywhere for your dog to be on the beach. In summertime, dogs aren’t allowed everywhere. There are now four beaches where you can go to the beach with your dog.  Now, during high season your dog is allowed to take a fresh dip in the water with you at:
– Cala Blanca in Andratx
– Es Carnatge in Palma
– Llenaire in Puerto Pollensa
-Na Patana in Santa Margalida

Please let me know any questions, tips for me and my dog in Mallorca or just because you’d liked reading it! Thanks anyways,


17 thoughts on “Meet my travel ‘Buddy’

  1. blogturtle says:

    Buddy makes a great model with the collar, especially in turquoise!

    I think the same rules apply for dogs only being allowed on the beach off-season, near me, in the States. Which is too bad, but perhaps understandable. Stepping on droppings is not fun with flip flops.

    Wonderful post and blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dave says:

    Aw, Lisa! What a beautiful, handsome pup! He looks great in his collar. Wow, doggy care is a huge responsibility, but the rewards are always worth it. How fun taking him to a dog beach. Enjoy, enjoy! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you very much lovely!:) He is adorable indeed, you’ll see him for sure he’s going to be my travel buddy. Thanks for stopping by and reading awhile:)


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