On the road to … Estellencs

Hi lovely followers,

Today I’m going to tell you about Estellencs which i visited last this Easter. A couple of people recommended me this place and I must say, it was a really nice and beautiful town to visit as well as the road towards it!

So i suggest you to take your time because the road towards Estellencs (from Palma – Palmanova – Andratx – and then just follow the Ma-10 to Estellencs ) is half the fun! 🙂 You come by all these lovely views, places to sit and enjoy the view and we really took our time and ended up in Estellencs in the afternoon. So have a seat, because I have a lot to tell and show you about this trip:)

The road to Estellencs is very beautiful, the sun was shining during the lovely Easter weekend so we took a lot of pictures. When shooting in the beautiful olive gardens I even had the luck to see the running sheeps which was very cute and funny:)



We came around a beautiful viewing point where is also a restaurant with a beautiful view and a little souvenir shop where you can buy typical touristy stuff and also some beautiful shells. The restaurant is called Restaurante Es Grau I don’t know about the food I just drank a cappuccino but you definitely should sit there for a while and enjoy the view (and make sure you’ve got your sunscreen because the sun shines there all day)


The viewing point gives you the view of the ocean and the surrounding Tramuntana mountains. I also love those tunnels, they give me such an idyllic feeling. Below you find the photo’s taken from the viewing point. And the road to Estellencs.


In the afternoon I arrived in Estellencs! It was so beautiful. Estellencs is on the north-west side of Mallorca and it is easy to fall in love with Estellencs.You can do a lot in Estellencs like enjoy the peace of the stone streets, the beautiful farmed terraces, the small port of Estellencs and enjoy the lovely little restaurants and their terraces!:) This combination makes Estellencs a must-visit if you want to see the ‘old’ Mallorquin culture. If you want to try some typical Mallorquin food you should try the Sa Tanca Bar in the lower part in the village. Below you find some pictures of Estellencs.

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See you soon xoxo.

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Clothes I wore:

Skirt: New Yorker
Top: Zara
Watch: Calvin Klein
Sunglasses: Burberry
Shoes: Zalando
Bag:Stella McCartney
Bag: Paul’s Boutique





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