Caló de Ses Agulles

Hi lovely followers!:)

Today I’m writing a small post about a beautiful place hidden behind a lot of beautiful and big houses, which I can only dream of to live there some day.. This is just something you want to see, sit there and have a wine or beer:) and just look at the ocean. Just look at it and enjoy the view. It is pretty impressive and so big I couldn’t even get a panorama picture. Maybe it was just my slowness but hey:)

This place is at the end of a street called: Carrer des Calo de Ses Agulles in Santanyí. Santanyí has a lot of beautiful beaches and places so you can easily plan a day in Santanyí and just drive through it and make some stops here and there.

Below you see a picture of the street so you can find it easily!:)

Foto 06-03-16 17 46 52Foto 06-03-16 17 26 02Foto 06-03-16 17 30 02 (1)Foto 06-03-16 17 35 15Foto 06-03-16 17 36 18 (2)

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